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Hiking, Camping, Backpacking Combined!

The 3-in-1 Nomad Hiking-Camping-Backpacking Journal is the most comprehensive outdoor logbook available. There is plenty of room to log every detail from your hiking, camping or backpacking experiences. Whether you are going to the mountains for the weekend or backpacking in Europe for a month, this journal lets you preserve the experience.

  • Trail information (terrain, conditions, difficulty, distance & more)
  • Recommended maps and guidebooks
  • Campground information
  • Hiking and driving directions
  • People you met along the way
  • Weather conditions
  • Grub & Grog
  • Plenty of room for extra notes
  • 120 pages (29 daily entries)
  • And much more...
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Journal only: 5"x7"
Journal w/case: 6"x8"

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