About Nomad Adventure Journals

Nomad Adventure Journals is a company devoted to preserving your most memorable adventures. Through detailed record keeping, the Nomad Journal helps you to preserve your experiences and create a personalized guidebook.

These journals are a product of our passion for the outdoor experience and the desire to remember, in great detail, each and every adventure. Whether your passion is bird watching, rock climbing, hiking, travel, fly fishing or live music, detailed entries in your journal will serve as a reminder of special moments as well as a valuable guidebook. Nomad Journals offer plenty of room to log every detail, from hiking/driving directions to local accommodations or camping. Details previously found written on corners of maps and pages of your guidebook can now be organized and easily referenced.

From the 'backpack cram' to rain soaked pages, most journals and guidebooks take a serious beating. This is why Nomad Adventure Journals come in a durable, water-resistant zippered cover, offering protection from the elements and the rigors outdoor activities. Once your journal is full, remove it from your case and replace it with a new journal.

Nomad Adventure Journals is a company committed to protecting our fragile environment and supporting responsible environmental organizations. All journals are minimally packaged, produced with recycled paper, and printed with soy based inks.

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